Exam System together with Passing Exams


Achieving good grades and passing exams isn’t all down merely to revision, good exam technique also plays a significant part and for people who aren’t natural students it can actually boost your grades. The initial way in which you can boost your exam technique is to get hold of past exam papers.

This will help you to become acquainted with the method by which the questions are worded and the types of questions that could be asked 2022 Jamb Runz, don’t rely on recent past papers though for topics in the hope that you could focus your revision, this will be a risky tactic. Practicing on past papers also enables you to recreate the exam conditions, advisable is to undertake the practice papers whilst allowing yourself only the time you could have in the true exam. This may enable you to get used to planning your time, making yourself stick to that particular time limit and thinking and writing quickly, making sure it’s legible.

Another good exam technique is to consider ways in which you can retain information, I generally have trouble remembering what I ate a week ago but if I hear a tune on the radio from 10 years ago and I can sing every lyric, so for me personally to put information into a song is a good way of remember it. Other clever ways are poems or acronyms, you can be creative as you prefer so long as it works for you.

Lastly a couple of tip for the big day. Make sure that you arrive early and have a little bit of time and energy to review your notes beforehand. Once in the exam be sure that you know what is expected of you, there would nothing worse after all that effort to miss out on vital marks because you answer too little or the wrong questions. As soon as as you have selected your questions make a plan and lay out just how much time you will spend on each sections/question and stay glued to it.

Recommended is in the first place the simplest or the question you are most more comfortable with first, this will assist you to calm your nerves and increase your confidence, additionally, it may give you back only a little extra time. Lastly, the ultimate little exam technique to consider is to factor in some time at the conclusion to see over your paper and make any amendments then passing exams will undoubtedly be no problem.

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