Record File format Docx : Exactly what are Doc Files Just what Computer software Enables you to Generate and also Available These?


The typical doc file extension used to be assigned to any file developed by Microsoft Word automagically, unless otherwise specified by the user. However, when MS Word 2007 premiered a brand new default became the docx file extension. This extension is associated with a document which was developed by MS Word 2007 in a XML-based file format. Many people are confused by what these files are and just how to open/create them, primarily because older versions of Word and various other word processors are not capable of reading and editing such files. Thus, for a file to be backwards compatible (able to be edited and read in older versions of Microsoft Word) it must certanly be saved in Word 2003 (doc) file format within Microsoft Word 2007 using the “save as” option. Fortunately, there are many ways to generate, open, and convert docx files so that they are readable and writable.

How to open docx files?

If you already have MS Word 2007 installed and you ought to be able to view the files. However, when you yourself have an older version of Word then you’ll need to put in a compatibility pack. While newer versions of OpenOffice have the ability to read and edit docx files automatically, some older versions may require the installing of Open XML Translator. free file converter When you have several word processors that are capable of reading docx extension files installed on your pc you are able to choose which opens these files automagically within your control panel by assigning file type associations. Alternatively, you can just right-click the file and then use the “open with” drop-down box to pick the software of your choice.

How to generate docx files?

Although the easiest way to create a docx document would be to simply create a file in Microsoft Word 2007, you can find various other word processors (some of which are open source and free) that are capable of creating docx files. Like, OpenOffice is just a free software that’s capable of both reading and creating docx files, however you need to specify the file type after choosing the “save as” option when creating the file. It can also be possible to create a file with docx estension from another file type using one of the conversion methods discussed below.

How to convert docx files?

When you have a report that you wish to convert in to a docx format or perhaps a docx the one that you wish to convert in to a different format to be looked at with an incompatible word processor, you can find two main conversion options – online converters and software converters. There are always a lot of websites online that permit you to convert various file formats quickly and easily, and additionally, there are desktop widgets and free programs that can be used to convert nearly any type of document. When you have Microsoft Word installed on a Mac you will need to put in Open XML File Format Converter to manage to read such files.

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